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Welcome to Ahli United Brokerage Company

Ahli United Brokerage Company (“Company”) one of the most specialized Iraqi companies owned 100% by the Commercial Bank of Iraq licensed to engage in mediation work in the sale and purchase of shares and bonds in the Iraqi market for securities.

Services presented by the Company

  • Undertake acts of mediation in the sale and purchase of securities according to the provisions of law, and all regulations and instructions issued in this regard.
  • Organize and manage securities portfolios in accordance with the regulations made by the board of the stock market and the Iraq Stock Exchange Market.
  • The Company can, on behalf of the investor, open a bank account for the customer in the Trade Bank of Iraq so as to deposit the amounts of buying and selling and to inform the customer about the movements of the withdrawal made in case of purchase and movement of depositing in case of selling shares by sending statements via e-mail to the investor.
  • The Company can, on behalf of the investor deposit share certificates belonging to the investor, on behalf of the investor, by opening a trade account in the name of the Company for these shares.
  • Underwrite the shares on behalf of the client in case they are not in Iraq.
  • The commission is calculated on buying and purchasing according to the volume of the transactions. The greater the value of the shares traded the less the deduction of commission. It is calculated as follows:
Percentage of the commission Value of the shares
0.004 From $1,000 to $100,000
0.003 From $1,000 upwards
  • It is possible in coordination with the bank’s counterpart with the Iraq Trade Bank (Ahli United Bank – Bahrain) to practice selling and purchasing the securities listed in the Security Market in Bahrain and other countries that have branches of the Ahli United Bank (Bahrain, Oman, England).

Instructions for opening an account

For new investors who don’t own stocks in ISX:

  1. For individual accounts:

Personal documents will be required to be sent by electronic mail (colored copy) followed by their original copies certified at the Iraqi Embassy in the investor’s country or at any other approved government authority to us on the following mail address.

  1. Valid Passport.
  1. For corporate account:
  1. Corporate Establishment Contract.
  2. Certificate of Company’s Registrar.
  3. Commercial License which issued from your country’s central bank.
  4. Board of Directors Meeting Papers.
  5. Book or list of authorized signatures and names.
  6. Copies of passports & national ID’s of the CEO and his deputies.

Our Company shall prepare the purchasing and selling order forms in both Arabic and English, which shall include all the necessary information. The order can be sent by e-mail.

Our account opening process is very straight forward and should not take more than one day.

Our company will not receive monies in cash from non-Iraqi investors directly. Also our company will not make cash payments to them. All these operations are to be done through our bank (Commercial Bank of Iraq).

We shall provide the investors with the executive transactions through available approved means, a statement of account of the investor’s securities trades.

Commercial Bank of Iraq,

Ahli United Brokerage Company,

Al-Sadoun Street,

Dist.102, St 9, Bldg. 121,

Baghdad – Iraq

Our target your trust of our performance

Maha N. Al-Beyati/CEO

Ahli United Brokerage & Inv. Com.

Mobile: +6947804191533

E-mail: cbiq.brokerage@cbiq.com.iq